Old House Dreams....

I have quite literally stumbled upon my dream house. Just a stone's throw from campus, this lovely 1894 Romanesque sits in a quiet street, just waiting for someone to buy it and renovate the burned out insides...

It's a beautiful structure from the outside. I spent a few moments admiring it today as we walked past on the way back to my dorm room. The going rate for this baby is $400,000. If only....what a steal! And it's a recognized historical site too! What I wouldn't give to own this place. The location leaves a bit to be desired, but that can easily to be overlooked.

The property is completely fenced and gated, with plenty of room on the side and back of the house for lush gardens and tea party spots. Plenty to keep me busy. I think, if I bought the house, I would rent out a few rooms to upstanding and high class university students. People looking for elegance and charm, for a reasonable price. And the location, near campus, would be unbeatable.

As I really can't stop fantasizing about this lovely castle, I did some browsing on fyeahlolitadecor's tumblr for some gorgeous decorating ideas:

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. If something this opulent and lush was located near your school or campus, would you consider renting a room? Heck, would you buy and live in a piece of splendor like this?

Because I'm sorely tempted to try and find a way!


  1. I love it and I wish I could live there. I guess you have to consider whether this is really an option for you or just a dream. Do you have the money to buy it, or can get your parents to do it? Would you be able to rent some rooms out to make money?

    If I had relatives who had money, I am sure I would try and get them to buy it, but as I am jobless and still at uni, I don't see how I could. But if there is a way you could do it without going bankrupt, then go for it. Otherwise get a good job, get rich and build one like it.

  2. The price is extremely reasonable for this structure but at the moment there's no way I could afford it, even with a loan. I'd have to renovate the inside and THAT'S money all by itself.

    I'm thinking, after I come back from Japan I might look into this place again and if it's still for sale maybe I can work something out then.