Dorm Room Photo Dump

The Bed 

Pretty chair slipcover 

Desk area 

Closet space 

Hello Kitty bathroom

So yup. I'm all moved into my new dorm apartment. I don't currently have photos of the kitchen or living areas because a roommate is out there now fiddling with the microwave. Which is fine. I have tomorrow after all. 

But I got my bathroom junk all sorted out. My bed's been made and ready for sleeping. I've got things on my desk just the way I like them too. My closet feels empty, but I blame that on it simply being too large. Oh well...



  1. And is that the Goth group open on your Facebook? :P

  2. Why yes, yes it is.

    To both, lol.

  3. It looks like a great room, lots of space. I love teh bed and chair cover!