You ain't nothing but a hound dog....

So you might remember a few posts back I included a photo of all these different fabrics I had recently acquired. Yesterday, I decided I was going to work with one of them. I'd had it in my head that I needed to make myself a JSK for more Loli-able summer wear.

So I did.

This fabric is actually something I picked up on sale from Walmart a few months ago. Isn't it neat? The print features all of Elvis Presley's military records and information. I found it pretty cool since I'm an Elvis fan. 

To make this JSK, I actually altered a tutorial I found here for a One-Piece. Instead of creating sleeves, I simply made some straps and attached them to the bodice. I also did the shirring a bit differently, it's only on the back piece.

Moving on, I wanted to direct you to this wonderful post by Her Curious Elegance. To me, she is a very wonderful and insightful person and I think everyone should read this post of hers. It's no-nonsense and completely common sense.

The Lolita Rainbow Project


  1. That dress is amazing! Well done my making it - impressive. I can't even sew haha.

    Much love: http://missvictoriam.blogspot.co.uk/ If you fancy a nosey.


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  3. Thanks! I can't wait to coordinate it!