A Bodyline Review

So quite a number of weeks ago I received a Bodyline package containing one of those "sets". There was supposed to be a parasol tucked in there as well, but that was missing from my order. I did contact Bodyline and they did give me a refund.

Now, onto the items that I actually did receive.

1. JSK
2. Blouse
3. Underskirt

The JSK is actually really cute, but I had to do some alterations to make it fit better and look more natural. The straps in the back were off-center and since this is a kind of halter-top style JSK I simply cut the back straps off. Now it's much better. The fabric is very lightweight and comfy, which is perfect for summer. The heart itself on the front is a pocket and there's a smaller pocket inside the zipper. Overall: 4/5

The blouse is cute but not terribly comfortable. There's a side zipper which allows you to easily slip it on but for some reason it's much harder to get back off. The sleeves are detachable though and are the perfect length for my arms, which is a perk, since my arms are long and most blouses from Bodyline tend to be a tad bit too short for me. And I despise too-short sleeves. The blouse looks very natural under the JSK but it will work nicely for other coordinates as well.  Overall: 3.5/5

The underskirt, which I unfortunately didn't snag a photo of, is the nicest piece. Made of a heavy and draping fabric, it's a simple elastic waist skirt with some polka dot lace on the hem. Again, very useful for other coordinates and not only works as a skirt on it's own but makes a beautiful underskirt for other items. Overall: 5/5

Total ensemble: 4/5
Total purchase: 3/5 (I wanted that damn parasol!)


  1. So sorry for the parasol! But that Jsk looks really cute!

  2. I've contacted Bodyline about missing items in my order, a parasol included, they responded that sometimes bigger items that don't fit well in an envelope are simply dismiss. O.e

  3. ^ Well that's dumb. Why don't they just ship it separately?

  4. The shipping cost must be higher for oddly shaped packages and they don't want to pay for it?