I've missed you all!

I suppose it might be important to note that half of my followers here are also on my Goth blog, but for those of you who only read this one, apologies. Again.

I didn't really feel much like dressing up whilst sitting around the house and moaning in pain after my surgery. I can't properly wear shoes yet either, argh. So I'm waiting until after the pin in my foot comes out to officially dress up again.

However, I have some delightful fabric I mean to make dresses out of, so even if I feel unable to wear Lolita currently, I can still make it.

Pics of updated progress will come soon, but these are the fabrics I'm currently working with.


  1. Those are nice looking fabrics-- can't wait to see what you do with them! (and get well soon :) )

  2. Hope you feel better soon! And happy sewing. :)

  3. Definitely nice fabric! :)

    I hope you can wear shoes soon--but at least it´s summer, and not winter. ^_^