Why Bodyline Irks Me.

I haven't ordered any Lolita clothing in a long time. So I kind of forgot that Bodyline has this tendency to....forget to put things in your order.

Last year I ordered a TON of stuff, one of which was a really cute black rose hairpiece. It didn't come in my order. They didn't tell me it was out of stock. I had to email harass them until they apologized and then refunded me.

This time around, I ordered ONE set of clothing and ONE parasol. Guess which one didn't arrive? If you're guessing the parasol, which would save me from bright sunny spring days, you guessed right. So....I have to email them again and ask (politely) if someone forgot to stick that in my order and if it's possible they send it to me.

Because I don't want to pay another $13 plus shipping just for something I already technically bought.

~Good Day!


  1. Yep I hear you, I received mine yesterday, wrong color and missing things. I e-mailed them last night and I received an answer 45 minutes later, at least customer service didn't suck to much this time.

  2. What email did you use?

    I sent them a message too but I didn't get a response yet.

  3. Oh, I used the contact form from their web site.

  4. Bodyline in general cracks me up! I tried entering that model contest they had last year wearing one of their newest OPs. They sent me a reply saying that if I wanted to enter I needed to wear their clothes. What?! XD You can't recognize your own merchandise BL?!

    Though I'm sorry to hear that they keep messing up your orders! x_x;