Welcome Back, Rozemaiden

I made a Bodyline purchase this weekend. I guess this means I'm officially back, in a sense. My only Lolita dress on display in my room was something I spent the whole weekend staring at longingly. I wanted to put it on and feel beautiful, but I didn't. I'm going to wait just a bit longer.

I've been in dire need of a parasol so I finally caved and got one. I've liked this particular one from Bodyline because of the cute flowery cutout along the edge and the fact that it can double as an umbrella. ^_^

The dress set is also something I've wanted. I like it's punky vibe and since it was only $27 dollars I sprung for it. I'm happy and I can't wait until these items arrive!


  1. I can't for the life of me figure out were you found the parasol on their website!

    I love that dress! Punk(ish)+hearts = WIN!

  2. I had to go look in the Sundries section and then get everything listed together. Parasols are sporadically located anywhere from pages 15-23, lol.

  3. Did you receive your order yet? Seems like I've been waiting for mine for ever, I think the post-man is growing suspicious of my constant glaring.

  4. I got the clothing set, but the parasol is MIA. I think I'm gonna have to pester Bodyline about that....v_v. Again.