One Lovely Blog Award

List seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers.

1. I've been suffering from depression for over 6 years and I've just now started taking antidepressants. I feel better already and I feel as though I can start letting things go and move on.

2. My dream is to live and teach in Japan. After I graduate, my plan is to get a job as an ALT with JET or another government sponsored program and then drag my boyfriend with me.

3. I love raspberry iced tea. I drink it all spring and summer long. Following behind this is iced Matcha Latte.

4. I'm obsessed with Heath Ledger's Joker. v_v *shame....* I even write fan-fiction and collect photos on my computer. He's just a fascinating take on my favorite comic book villain.

5. I have almost all the Puppet Master movies. I'm only missing a few of the newer ones and I'm always on the hunt to find them cheap somewhere. My favorite puppet is Blade, of course!

6. My favorite color to wear is grey, because it's classy and less obviously "Goth" so I can coordinate it so many different ways. It also makes red hair look more vibrant!

7. I enjoyed being "stuck" with needles. I think that's why I visit Bio Life and donate plasma so often. Which is funny, because I used to be terrified of getting shots as a kid.

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That's as many as I can come up with here that probably haven't been nominated already. And since I was also nominated for this award over on my Gothy blog, I'm just gonna x-post because I'm lazy!!! ^_^


  1. THanks for the nomination! I've had depression off and on too, along with OCD. >.> I'm glad your meds are doing their job. :)
    I like grey as well, though I don't wear it as often as full on dramatic BLACK. :D Reminds me of lovely overcast days. ^^

  2. we have some things in common, lol :)

    I'm glad your medication is working for you