Why This is Important

Have you seen the promo image for a new documentary called "Are All Men Pedophiles?" You haven't? Well, let's have a look hmm?

Now, are you as upset as I am? Yes? Good, so lets all pop on over to this lovely petition ( here ) and have this inappropriate image removed from the promotional ad for this so-called documentary about men who have sexual feelings for little girls.

Because clearly, this image is of a grown woman dressing in flouncy skirts, not a prepubescent child.


  1. I may be wrong but I don't think that the poster they're using to advertise, maybe they changed it, but that's the one that's online:


  2. Neverming, they posted both on Facebook.

  3. The topic of the film is not plain pedophilia, but that ALL MEN, without necessarily knowing it, have a tendency to prefer characteristics of young girls. Meaning they will find attractive and sexy a grown up who for some kind of reason remind them of a litte girl. I think that it is what this poster illustrates. It is not a lolita in the fashion meaning of the term. It is a grown up dressed as a girl. Pleaaase people stop misinterpreting everything...