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I'm sorry I don't update this blog much anymore, I honestly don't know what to put on it these days...

But I've been tagged by the charming and cute SaryWalrus, so I now have something to give back to the blogging community! Here goes:

How does it work?

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11 Things about Me

1. I'm a natural redhead.
2. I'm in university seeking an English degree.
3. I write books in my spare time.
4. I could subsist on only sushi and other Japanese food.
5.I adore both tea and coffee. <3
6. I love spiders and bats.
7. I'm a "dark celtic pagan". And a witch.
8. My favorite color is purple.
9. I suffer Chronic Depression.
10. My favorite season is autumn.
11. I don't like vampires.

Questions from The Walrus Room:

What's your favorite pattern?

~ My favorite pattern is that lovely damask stuff. I adore it in any color: grey, black, purple. It's very elegant and spooky.

What's your favorite band?

~ Ouch, that's tough to answer. I don't really have a favorite band per se, but right now I'm really really digging The Cure. I sort of fall in and out of love with bands all the time and The Cure is, for me, the flavor du jour. But other notable favorites would be Kerli, D'espairsRay, The Birthday Massacre, David Bowie, and HYDE. 

Do you prefer skirts/dresses or pants/shorts?

~ I don't prefer one or the other, really. I take the middle ground. I love wearing skirts and dresses on days when I want to feel feminine, old-fashioned, or pretty. Pants are nice for those casual days when I don't feel like dressing up and I desire ease of movement. 

If you were to describe yourself in three words what would you choose?

~ Eccentric, Dark, Contradictory

What's your favorite smell?

~ Lavender, hands down. 

What are you wearing right now?

~ Um, clothing? Seriously though I've got on a brown blouse, blue jeans, and a cool orange patterned dress over that. Just a casual day here.

What's your favorite toy?

~I wouldn't call it a toy, but I have this adorable and squishy bat pillow bought during the Halloween clearance sales last year. I guess he's my favorite. Either that or my glow-in-the-dark skeleton named Victor.

Are you a heels or flats type of person?

~ Honestly I'm a sucker for platforms of just about any type, but if I had to choose I would say flats. I have feet issues, so heels are currently a no-go.

How many mirrors do you have in the room you are currently in?

~ On a technicality, that would be three. There's one that's attached to the wall here in my dorm room. I also have a full length one for outfit snaps and a small makeup mirror on my shelf. 

What's your favourite drink?

~ Matcha Latte, no hesitation there. It's amazing.

What's your favourite animal?

~ I'm definitely a sucker for cats and bunnies and other cute fuzzy things, but my all time favorite animal is the bat.

My Tag Questions:

1. Are you religious?
2. What time do you usually go to sleep at?
3. What is your favorite book?
4. The most expensive item of clothing you've ever bought?
5. Name three things sitting next to you.
6. Who inspires you the most in your life?
7. What is/was your least favorite subject in school?
8. How would your friends describe you?
9. If you could bring back one person from death, who would it be?
10. What song plays the most on your mp3/iPod/etc?
11. Who is your favorite movie villain?

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