Hai guyz!

Goodness, look how long my bangs are getting!

Hello dears, how are you all? I'm sorry for the serious lack of updates these days. And I'm sorry that each post I make these days is also containing an apology. Hopefully, I'll be able to remedy that some time soon. 

I just feel that keeping up with a Lolita blog when Lolita is something that I've put away for a while seems a little bit pointless. But I don't want you to leave....so I'm tempted to just post personal diary style entries for a while. Then again, you might find that boring and leave anyways....

So I'm a little bit at a loss, actually.

I don't even know how to describe how things have been for me lately. On one hand, I could say they've been going well. I'm not behind (yet) in any of my classes and I'm still alive. On the other, I could legitimately say I'm miserable. Dealing with depression kind of does that to a person. But I've been doing my best to stay positive each day and though I seem fine while the sun is up I get really down once nightfall hits. I don't like being lonely here during the weeknights. It makes me wish I had friends, but after having a pretty good look at the kind of creatures that roam my campus I don't think that's bound to happen any time soon.

On the upside, next year I'll be able to have Chris come over and spend the night. I've decided that next year I'm going to live in the campus apartment complex, Coborn Plaza. I'll have my own private bedroom and bathroom, with a full size bed and a walk-in closet. In addition to that, I'll have easy access to a full kitchen, which I really look forward to. Cooking is kind of a zen for me and it's something I can't engage in with a normal dormitory style room. 

Speaking of cooking: 

I made some simply rice balls on Sunday evening and I'm currently storing about five of them in my mini fridge. To get by for the night and fuel up for later homework endeavors, I heated up a rice ball and made myself some green tea. Refreshing!

So now I'm gonna get comfy here at my work station and buckle down to review my math notes. I got a test this Thursday so yeah...


  1. I need to cut my bangs as well..... =.=

    Good luck on your math test!

    Whatever you feel like writing is great, IMO, because it still shows off your personality, and that makes that interesting (to me, at least).

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!~ I hope you could swing by my blog to claim the blog award I'm passing on to you! Thank you!~