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I came across an extremely bogus article about "Lolita" fashion a while back and since I still have it bookmarked, I thought I would share the lulz with you all:

"When it comes to Lolita Fashion, the first celebrity name instantly strikes our mind is Gwen Stefani. Yeah…you got it right, the former No Doubt front women and singer whose work has got a ubiquitous presence of Harajuku girls. It’s an undeniable fact that Gwen Stefani is the strongest proponent of Lolita fashion and inspired zillions of women across the planet to try out Lolita dresses. Truthfully, an entourage of young Japanese fashionistas is employed by Gwen for adding mystique to her work. These Japanese angels can be witnessed in Stefani’s videos such as The Sweet Escape but alas they can’t be heard as they never speak when accompany Gwen for TV interviews and public appearances. "

To read the entire article, go here: Lolita with famous stars

What a joke though, seriously. Crediting people like Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, and Lady Gaga for the popularity of Lolita is just ludicrous. You and I both know that's not how the average Lolita comes into contact with said fashion, not at all. 

source: here

Sad Lolita is sad.


  1. Oh dear, I didn't even make it halfway through that article... :(

  2. That article is so ridiculous (and in need of a bit of correcting, both ideas and grammar) that I can´t help but laugh. XD