A cute gift to cheer me up....

Today was the first day of classes for second semester. I only had two courses today, both of them were interesting and I think both of them will be fairly easy to pass. Perhaps even enjoyable if I can get past my dislike for Greek mythology.

Anyways, this entry is going to be a bit short because I don't have much in the way of Lolita news, but do you all remember that Christmas Meetup that I said didn't go too well for me? The one with the Secret Santa exchange?

Yeah, well I got my gift today. Tessa caught up with me around noon today and gave it to me so I brought it back to my room and lo and behold - can you guess what it was?

It's BRAND! This is my first brand item, ever. It's a cute pink wristwatch from Innocent World. Now I'm not a huge fan of pink by any stretch of the imagination but this is just too cute to not like. And because Japanese girls have small wrists like me, it fits like a dream! I'm so happy about that.

Anyways....just wanted to share. Goodnight!~

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  1. How cute! It´s LOVELY!! :D I also have problems with watches being too big for my wrists; the only one that has ever fit just right is my BTSSB watch. >.< Yay for watches for thin wrists!