New Stuff from Baby!...(I swear I'm not going soft.)

Reservations for Baby's new line start on December 9 - that's this Friday girls! I had a look at some of the stuff and I'm rather impressed.

Let's start with this adorable little hooded cape:

I believe it's called (if my translator is working properly) Little Red Riding Hood lacy cape. Only it's not....red. But oh well, it's still quite lovely.

Up next:

The most elegant Gothic apron to ever exist, probably. Also part of the Little Red Riding Hood series.

Which brings me to:

This is the Flora dress. I think I'm in love. <3

I'm not even looking at the prices, because if I do I know I will cry.

There are other items up for reserve, check them out here:



  1. ^_^ I really like that cape (Little Black Black Riding Hood´s cape, LoL). The one I like the best out of all of the reserves is the "Shooting Star a la mode" OP, though (it´s BLUE! XD). I swear I felt faint when I read that it´s selling for 93450 yen.....it´s better not to know... =.=

  2. 81,900円 ... I am actually crying.

  3. I adore those first two items. Wow, Baby, you're really targeting my style!--most gothic brands don't do that so exactly. XD

  4. I know right?! I never really thought of Baby as catering to the dark side, but some of their designs are just gorgeous. Too bad I can't afford any of them, lol.

  5. I may get myself the hooded cape as a Christmas/birthday gift for the next 5 years...

  6. BTSSB has the most lovely lolita clothing. I really like all the little details they put into each piece. :)