Holiday Gift Haul

On Christmas Eve, I received a board game featuring A LOT OF DICE from my aunt. It was my only gift from family thus far:

Surprisingly, most of my interesting and useful gifts came from my boyfriend's family. I've never had my interests taken to heart so wonderfully by an outside party before, so I really cherish these gifts:

A vintage style dress form that has found a very happy home in my bedroom. I love it. <3

A dress form shaped pin cushion. How cute! 

More pins, of which you can never have enough! 

A great smelling cinnamon candle! <3

Lots of food goodies. Very nice. ^_~

Spirited Away on DVD. The Japanese audio is decidedly superb!

A gift card to a fabric shop!

And a very nice jewelry rack. 

This is how it looks hanging on the wall and taking some (ab)use! 

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  1. What lovely gifts! Your boyfriend's family are so thoughtful ^__^ The jewelry rack and dressform are especially nice !

    (btw, I love spirited away!)