Monday Mania~

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend. It was nice to get a little break from classes at the end of the week and just relax at home. I did a bit of shopping and then a bit of sitting around and enjoying the company of my family. I even wore some casual Lolita, though I neglected to take photos because I was also feeling a bit ill.

But! I got some cute leftover Halloween stuff at Target:

 A rib-cage necklace
 Some cute earrings
 A shirt with a glow-in-the-dark Witch logo
 Striped tights
 Thigh-highs with skulls on them
 A cute bat pillow
 A skull pillow
 Bat lights for my window
 Skeleton lights for my "altar"
And a super soft and fleecy "bat cape" - much cooler than a bathrobe that's for sure!

I also purchased a cute ghost coffee mug and a spooky candle, that I completely forgot to take photos of. Oh well. Anyways, after my walk to and from Target I was pooped. So I relaxed for the rest of Friday. 

Chris came back from the funeral he went to in Chicago late Saturday evening and after that we scampered over to Walmart, where I managed to spot a pattern that would be spectacular for making Lolita blouses. Score! 

I'm also now addicted to the new Mountain Dew Game Fuel stuff, both the green and orange. So yummy!

Moving on to the start of the week: I had a great Monday. I did pretty well on my Math exam, I think, and I also received my Bodyline package! Finally right!? I ordered it before Halloween after all...

 The headdress is a little bit pitiful - the stock photo looked much more amazing, but for $4 I can fix this disgrace myself with a bit of lace or something.

Sorry for the rotten lighting quality, it seriously does not do this dress justice. For Bodyline, it's rather stunning and I'm SOOO happy I bought it. I'll find time soon to try it on and sneak down the hall to take a decent photo. ^_^

Anyways...with such a delightful Monday nearly behind me I'm hoping the rest of the week will follow and be equally cheery and productive. Tomorrow I have another exam early in the morning and I hope I do well on it. Then I have one last exam on Wednesday and can more or less relax on Thursday, though I'll be donating my plasma. >_<



  1. Can't wait to see you in your new dress! also i know I didn't comment a lot lately. I've been away from the computer for about two weeks but I'm catching up on your blog.
    I also got the rib cage necklace, I love it!

  2. That's okay, I realize that real life often gets in way of internet stuff so no worries!