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Today's delightful inspiration comes to us in the form of Emmy Rossum as Christine Daae in the most recent Phantom of the Opera musical film.

As Christine Daae, Emmy wears her hair in long chestnut curls, often left to flow loosely down her back and shoulders or sometimes pinned back away from her face. 

Christine is depicted as a very innocent and virginal character, so white is the go-to color choice when emulating her. Camisoles in white featuring lace and ruffles look wonderful beneath an equally frilly cardigan or wrap dress. 

Christine's dress also often feature bustle skirts and off-the-shoulder sleeves, something not commonly seen in Lolita, but can still look wonderful. The skirts and dresses often have luxurious embellishments, such as embroidery and beading. 

To add just a spark of Christine to your outfit, add a pair of dangling and sparkly earrings or some pretty hairpins to a curly hairstyle. 

Ideas for coordinating a Christine Daae coordinate:

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Kids Yoyo

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