My First Meetup (for realz this time)

On Sunday, I am attending my first Lolita meetup. It's a Halloween themed meet, held at a lovely Victorian style coffee house in Minneapolis: uncommon grounds coffee house

I'm really excited for this one. The last one I bailed out on because of unfortunate circumstances and other things going on and even though I'll be cutting it close with this event (I have to go back up to St. Cloud in the same day) I'm determined to do this! 

I think I have decided what I plan to wear. I'm taking my new JSK for a spin, along with a long sleeved sheer blouse that has ruffles on the neckline, lacy black stockings, Victorian boots, and my little witch hat. The pentacle is an obvious must, but I'm sure I'll go light on the accessories otherwise. Oh yeah, I got some awesome witchy earrings I keep forgetting to take photos of...I'll wear those too. 

Don't worry, you'll all get pictures of this. I might do some awesome spider-witch Goth makeup too. I found this great tutorial for such last year on Youtube. Heck...maybe I'll post it...hang on!

Yup, this one. Enjoy!~


  1. Have fun!!! Take lots of pictures of your outfit I can't wait to see it!

  2. Yes yes, that's right. I'm gonna have to remember photos!