My Adventure at the Ren Fest

First and foremost, I would like to apologize. I didn't get any outfits snaps while at the Ren Fest, partly because my camera batteries died really early in the day and then later because I forgot. But fear not, I still have all the necessities hanging out at my mom's place and I can recreate the look for you all next weekend. Remind me so I don't forget okay? Haha! 

I'm sure you want photos, so without further ado:

This is about where my batteries died, so no more photos of the event after this one. 

I got a hair twister thingy, a cute new bag (that my faery cards have sort of claimed), and here's my ticket stub! 


  1. Wow you took a lot more pics than I did. Looks fun and lively, as always. ;D
    Also, happy birthday! I'm only 21, but I feel out of the loop sometimes too. But we have a fashion (or two if you count loli and goth as separate) that celebrates old-fashioned things, and I think we're definitely both awesome. :D

  2. The hair twistie-thing looks cool! s does the bag. I really liked being able to see the pictures--I´ve never been at or seen pics of a Ren Faire before, so it was interesting! :) The picture that has stuck the most in my mind was the tree with necklaces dangling fron its branches... ^_^ so pretty....