Monday Mania~

Good morning, Lolitas. How are we all this fine Monday morning...? Oh who the hell am I kidding, I hate Mondays. And I hate crawling out of bed before ten o'clock too!

I almost didn't make it to my Lolita Meetup yesterday. Chris had hardly gotten any sleep and I felt so bad about making him drive down to the cities, since he'd have to take me all the way back up to St. Cloud in the same day too.

I wasn't feeling too hot either, truthfully. I felt sick and had an off-n-on migraine the whole day. Still, I decided we'd give it a go and got dressed.

The first thing I'll say about the place (Uncommon Grounds) is that it's small and cramped. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of tables, booths, and couches to lounge on but not that much walking room. Coffee prices are fair and the drinks we got were delicious.

Our frilly group was situated upstairs in a nice little room that overlooked the front of the shop. We had a bunch of small tables set up, so Chris and I nabbed one near the corner. I'd say a grand total of maybe 13 people showed up. They were all beautifully dressed and I felt a bit inferior in my handmade stuff. Seeing other Lolita fashions in person made me feel very small and much like an "ita" - it was not a good feeling.

Since it was Halloween themed, the hostess Tawnya, passed around a bag of candy and some cute little jack-o-lantern bags to put our goodies in. We played some simple games and then mostly just chit-chatted. I felt out of place and like I had nothing in common with anyone. And frankly....I didn't really like anyone there. I wasn't getting good vibes at all.

Of course, my headache came back full force and since all I'd had to consume that day was coffee I wanted to throw up. Needless to say, it was time to go. Wow, I've never gotten a colder farewell for people in my life...

All in all, I don't think I'll attend another meeting. I think I operate best as a solo Lolita.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress - handmade
Blouse, fur coat - thrifted
Tights, shoes, and necklace - Target
Hat - Walmart