Monday Mania~

Happy Monday, Lolitas! I hope the weekend was wonderful for you all, as it was delightful for me!

On Friday night, I started working again on my black JSK. I managed to the get the skirt portions attached and the zipper sorted out:

On Saturday, I went to work on the hemline and the neckline, fixing it all up and making it fit better. It's not perfect, but for a project I started using no pattern I'd say it turned out fairly well. It's simple and the neckline is a little wonky, but it fits and it's quite comfortable.

I can't wait to coordinate it with something nice next weekend for the Halloween Lolita Meetup. I sure hope that petticoat I ordered comes by then. >_< It's been two weeks+ already.


  1. It looks nice! Simple, so it can coordinate with anythign1 :D

  2. Yeah, that was the idea. I wanted something versatile! ^_^