Monday Mania

I dyed my hair over the weekend. It ended being a lot darker than what the box indicated, but I really like it! I think it's great for autumn and will work wonderfully for future Gothic Lolita coordinates.

In other news, Fall Break starts this Thursday so I will have lots of time to finish up those sewing projects I've been putting off since I started school. With any luck, I'll actually get two dresses fully created by the time my break is over. Granted, it's only a four day weekend, but I really relish the time off school to relax and pursue more personal projects.

And...hopefully my petticoat will be arriving from overseas this week. Then I can coordinate with it. ^_^

That's about it. Just a lot of homework, very little sleep, and the typical college girl stress. Hope things are well for the rest of you!


  1. It´s a really nice color! Suits you! :3 I hope that you post pictures of the dresses or what you manage to sew over the weekend!