GCAD and Outfit Snap

Today is Goth Chick Appreciation Day and in honor of such a wondrous occasion I decided to dress up. Of course, this coincides with my week-long dress up scheme going on over at my other blog, Spooky University, but I'll post photos here as well:

It's been quite a long time since I donned this Bodyline dress so I felt that I should wear it again. It was my first real Lolita dress and still one of my favorites as I can dress it up many different ways. I added a thrifted hat, some thigh high stockings, and a casual pair of velvet flats. Et voila~

Yesterday, for my last day of classes before Fall Break, I also wore really casual Lolita:

I posted yesterday that I lost my hair bow that matches that dress. Very luckily, one of my classmates found it outside and returned it to me the very same day. I was so happy I almost kissed her! I think from now on I'm going to be extra careful about where I pin my expensive Lolita things. I would hate for another incident like this. >_< So anyways...

I've really been enjoying my short break from school. I got my laundry done, my internet stuff updated, and now I'm going to engage in a bit of sewing while sipping Apple Cider tea. Ja ne~

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