You know your blog is doing well when....

....when you have to delete spam comments everyday. Haha!

How is everyone? Now that I'm done with that 30 Days meme I can start posting regular entries again. It feels like a fresh new start and for a fresh new school year maybe that's what I need.

Speaking of school, things are going well there. I've gotten a moderate amount of homework and that's kept me pretty busy thus far but now that I'm getting the hang of things I can make time for more personal affairs - like relaxing with tea and a good book. And blogging. Definitely blogging. I miss you guys. And I miss writing quality articles and entries.

On the roster for this week:

~I will be wearing a casual punk Lolita ensemble tomorrow. I'm giving an introductory speech in my CMST class and since I'm basing the focal point around wanting to live and work in Japan, I figured Lolita might an appropriate added visual.  I'll be sure to give you the low-down on people's reactions to it. I haven't worn anything like that on campus yet and even though, in my eyes, it'll be really toned down I realize that such fashions are still extreme to most people.

~I got my excess financial aid money today. It's just over $1,000 and I'm SO TEMPTED to blow it on some cute things from Bodyline, Rose Melody, and Gloomth. But I mustn't. I have to put it in my account and save it. ALL OF IT. I really can't afford much at this point and that money needs to be filed away for paying off loans later, emergency use, or possible funds to get me to Japan later in life.

~I got some awesome fabric on sale at Walmart. It's a cream color with a very Rococo themed blue print. I totally forgot to take photos, but when I go back home on Friday I will then. I can also show you guys the pattern I got that I will be using as a base. If it turns out well, I'll use it for all my JSKS in the future.

~Speaking of things I want from Gloomth though, here are few photos to inspire those of you with money.

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