Style Inspire

*This is something new I want to do on Wednesday's I think. Post a photo of someone who's style I really admire and would possibly inspire my own look.*

Today's Style Inspire:

Mary Todd Lincoln - President Abe Lincoln's wife

Not the most attractive woman ever, but damn, look at what she's wearing! I would love a bolero like that one, I love the frills on the sleeves and collar area. Gorgeous. 

Prim, proper, and very elegant. I adore it! 

Get the Look:

~Wear your hair pulled back and parted in the middle. You could tie your hair up in a strict bun or do a fancy braided updo.

~Wear blouses and dresses with high collars, wide sleeves, and long flared out skirts.

~Use simple jewelry like cameos and choker necklaces. 

~Toss on a shawl. There's nothing that screams 1800's First Lady like a fancy shawl.

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