~ Monday Mania ~

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while. Monday Mania was basically just me summing up last week and reacting to it. So I think that's what I'll do now.

Last week was so hectic. I had to give a speech, in Lolita, which was interesting. I hate public speaking and my heart was hammering loudly through the whole thing. Then I had to do a presentation on Campus Recreation with a couple of girls in another class. That one went much better.

Since I have my first Math Exam next Wednesday I've been struggling to get caught up on all my math homework and studying. If anyone's ever used MathXL before, you know how much that stuff sucks. Anyways, I got caught up to chapter 5, I'm working on the appendices, and then I realized that chapter 6 is on the next page of the list and I haven't even started on it. It's all due Tuesday. O.o Shit.

The weekend went by way too fast. Chris showed up around 6 pm and took me back to Buffalo. We stopped off at my mom's place so I could leave my laundry there. Then we ate at Perkins and went back to his place with some $5 movies from Walmart. We watched Evil Bong and then started watching Demonic Toys but that one was so lame we just couldn't get through it. Heh.

Saturday I stayed at my mom's place and worked on Math, among other things. I'm really too exhausted these days to work on any personal projects, which is unfortunate. Because I really wanted to get some sewing done. I have a black JSK to finish and then a new one to start on. @.@ It's hopeless...

Sunday, Chris and I drove back up to St. Cloud earlier than usual and explored the area. We found the mall, and we walked around that a bit, then left. We had to find a gas station though, because his tank was nearly empty. There are NO GAS STATIONS near the mall, which is dumb since it's such a busy street. Well, whatever. We found something.

Ugh, I've still go so much to do. Laterz!

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