It's not Monday....

But I'm gonna do one of my Monday update posts anyways...

This weekend was cold, wet, and dreary. I had all these lofty plans about getting my sewing projects done and resting up. Instead both Chris and I were pretty miserable. At least I got my laundry done on Saturday!

I had wanted to finish up that black JSK I've been working on since before school started but I was just so unmotivated. I got the skirt portions gathered and pinned to the bodice but that's about where I quit. I haven't even started on the Fairytale Rococo JSK yet. Which is too bad. I have a wedding to go to this Saturday and it would have been nice to wear something like that. Ah well....

I was sick last Friday. So sick in fact that I stayed in bed most of the morning and missed my classes. That was unfortunate. I felt a little better over the weekend but I'm starting to feel it again. Which means I need to start in-taking a lot of tea and healthy things. I'll probably have lots of soup and salad down in the cafeteria this week. Sadly, those are the only two things I can count on to taste good no matter the day.

I hope things are faring well for everyone else. Have a good week!~


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I moved into my dorm with a bunch of crafting supplies, but I haven't done anything crafty yet either.
    I love that picture, by the way!

  2. Even if I brought crafty things with me I have so little space in here to do anything. Much less the time, lol.