Cute new Gothic/Halloween Jewelry

I really adore this time of year. Autumn is a beautiful season - crisp weather, crunchy and colorful leaves, baked goods, and scented candles. And of course, Halloween.

Now that school has officially started for students of all ages here in the US, most stores have finally cleared out a good chunk of their Back-To-School stock and started replacing it with more appropriate seasonal goods. The warm toned, rich hued paper plates and cups, pumpkin scented candles, autumn window clings, and naturally, a very special little section for Halloween.

During my last trip home to Buffalo, Chris took me up to Target since I wanted to look around and see what kind of cute clothing they had in preparation for fall. They appeared to be moving awfully slow and still had a ton of summer stuff out. However, they had a small rack of Halloween themed t-shirts for $8.00 apiece. Naturally...I  had a look and found this cute little gem:

It's lightweight and casual, but so very versatile. I've worn this with jeans so far, denim shorts with lacy tights, and a black skirt. I could easily work this into a really casual but Halloween themed Lolita coordinate too!

Meandering over the jewelry section of Target brought me some unparalleled delight. They had a whole section for Halloween jewelry. I honestly wanted to buy one of everything but ended up settling for only two pieces. For now.

Both of these pieces were under $20 and they're such good quality that it's quite a steal! I adore the spider necklace, it appears as though her body is made of a jewel and I love how trippy her legs look. This necklace is so heavy and chunky too, there's no way I could forget I'm wearing it. As I seem to name all my spider friends, I need to come up with a name for this elegant lady as well. Madame Noir, perhaps?

The second photo is a really fascinating little bracelet. It features keys, crosses, and little stakes, for slaying pint-sized vampires of course. ^_~

I'm sure when next I get a chance to stake out Target again (har har!) that I'll pick up more treasures and hopefully find some really cool things to decorate my dorm room with.

Last weekend I visited Walmart as well, Chris wanted to find some cheap $5 movies to watch (we got Time Machine.) and I sort of wandered off into the clothing section as I'm wont to do. You'd be surprised what kind of cute basic you can pick up even at such a lowly department store. Anyways, I stumbled into a small endcap of Halloween shirts there as well.

This is a very pretty long sleeved top featuring a darkly romantic scene between two dressed up skeletons. I loved it the moment I saw it. I was a little perturbed to see that it had a bit of glitter on the design but a few rubbings yielded positive results (no glitter residue on fingers) and so I opted to get it. Chris, surprisingly, liked it as well and got himself one in a larger size.

I could also see myself pairing this up with a Lolita skirt, perhaps a black one and then some stripey tights. Should be fun experimenting this year and seeing just how much Halloween garb I can incorporate into Gothic Lolita. ^_^

Ja ne~


  1. I can't wait to stake out Target (very witty ;) ). Your outings sound really fun! Walmart does have some nice Halloween shirts--One of my favorite graphic tees is from there (it looks like this crazy layered ensemble of vests and pinstripes and probably a spider broach or too).

    Ah, lovely Autumn! *celebrates*

  2. I love the jewelry!!! And that second shirt is so cool. I may have to head to walmart(though I don't go there very often)

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  4. I especially like the first t-shirt...so cute! I can totally see either of them working with casual lolita!!