Black Cat and Witch Series from AaTP

Okay, I guess I'll have to amend my "most wanted" list a bit, since I just discovered this lovely new series from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Alice and the Pirates line.

Black Cat and Witch:

I'm such a sucker for Fall and Halloween that this series would honestly be perfect for me. I love the dress and the witch hat, I could so easily incorporate that vest into a fantastic aristocrat or boy-style outfit, but to really top it off you need the jewelry:

I am absolutely enthralled. What do you all think of this new series from AaTP? Link here.


  1. I want all of it too!!!!

  2. I absolutely love it (I´m quite partial to AatP)!! I especially like the vest and the necklace. It´s definitely an outfit that´d be perfect to do a "Halloween lolita" look.

  3. Oh, it's lovely! Thank you for sharing it, I wouldn't have noticed the series otherwise! <3