30 Days of Lolita - the End!

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’ve happened over the last 30 days.


Thing the First:

~Well, for one I started college. This is something that I've thought about pretty hard for a long time and though unfortunate circumstances prevented me from going earlier in life, I've taken the initiative to do something awesome with my life. 

Thing the Second:

~I've acquired some new books to read. I feel lost without a good novel once in a while, so when I have time in between classes, homework, and sleep, I'm going to indulge myself and read something nice. 

Thing the Third:

~I've made a few new friends and reconnected with some old ones. That's been great. I need to become more social again. (So I say as I sit here in my dorm room all alone in front of the computer....)

Well that's pretty much it. I survived the 30 day meme and I probably won't do another one any time soon. I've discovered that keeping up with this sort of thing just doesn't work for me or my blog. So I'll stick to what I do best, okay? ^_~

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