A Personal Update.

I've been working pretty hard on getting that Lolita meme finished, but I thought - since I have time - that I would include a more personal update. As some of you know, I'm currently in college. I moved up to my dorm last Saturday and today is now my second day of classes. Things have been stressful, hectic, and mind-boggling.

Photos of my dorm room:



Granted, I still have a bunch of decoration stuff to bring up next weekend but so far so good. I like my comforter set a lot, the black and white is really easy to coordinate with other colors, especially my favorite which is purple.

For a more detailed look at my first few days in school, visit my other blog: http://sp00kyuniversity.blogspot.com/

I have four classes on Monday. A math class, a Reading/Study Skills class, a Communication Studies class, and then Intro to East Asia. So far, I really like all my Monday classes. Two of them I have M/W/F, one of them is M/W, and my Asian class is only Mondays.

My Tues/Thurs classes on the other hand, not so hot. At least they're only two days a week though and the workload isn't going to be tremendous on both of them. I hate my Critical Reasoning class with a passion but I'll keep it. I was thinking about dropping it since it's a logical and skeptical thinking kind of class. Blegh.

My other T/Th class is Discovering College. A basic course all incoming freshman are required to take.

So that's basically it. I haven't really made many friends here yet, but my roommate's nice and there are a few girls from my hall I talk to on Facebook a bit. I think it would be a LOT easier if I had a phone and could coordinate meetups, but alas.

I'm out of touch with the times and must suffer for it. Oh well.

I hope the end of August is going well for all of you. Who's looking forward to autumn?!


  1. Your room is starting to look comfy. Good luck with your classes and I hope you make friends soon

  2. I love your comforter. I may get a black x white one as well--i'll have to see what I can find. My sheets, though, are going to be black, just for the wonderful cliche gothyness of it all.

    I hope your classes go well, and I'm sorry to hear about your Orientation being a bit rough. I've had my share of difficulties (some personal, some not) as regards the whole college thing (wow that was specific) as well.
    I hope you make lots of friends--I find that makes stress less stressful.

    Autumn, yes! (even if August is my birth month, I'll be happy to bid summer farewell...) I was so excited about a month ago to see JoAnn's already putting out pumpkin themed craft supplies. :3

  3. Oh really. Halloween stuff in JoAnn's already? That's pretty amazing...I should find out which bus stops over that way. *nods*