Monday Mania~!

Happy 4th of July, American readers!

I apologize for my last entry being a bit dark and whiny. I'm mostly over that now. I'll admit it's a stressful time in my life currently and I'm having a hard time handling it all with ease. But I appreciate the two comments left on that entry, they made me feel a million times better. ^_^

So last Friday we had our first severe storm. It rolled in around 6:30 pm that night as ominous gray clouds and rumbling thunder and escalated into quarter sized hail and a greenish wall cloud. Very spooky. But, creeper that I am, I stood outside and took photos of the storm as it was rolling in.

Rather scary looking ne? It brought with it a lot of heavy wind and rain. We thought for sure it was gonna rip my mom's poor garden up, but thankfully nothing in our area was damaged. A lot of trees and stuff around town went down though. Poor things.

The rest of the weekend I spent with Chris, mostly as his place. On Saturday we went one town over, to Monticello, where I grew up. We ate at Burger King (which is officially nasty - I will never eat fast food again) and then to the Super Target. I found a lot of good stuff that I ended up not getting though, for lack of money. Their grocery section has a Matcha Latte concentrate and Almond Crush flavor Pocky. Yay!

It was just fun to walk around and see what was there and I was delighted to discover that Target had pulled out some of their Dorm Essentials stuff. So now I can get quotes on XL twin sheets, bedding sets, shower caddies and more. Very handy.

On Sunday after Chris's family BBQ, we sneaked out of the house and walked around Walmart for a while and I found something most remarkable. Jeggings. I've heard of these strange denim-legging hybrids but I've honestly never seen anyone in my area wear them, nor had I seen them sold anywhere....until now. Walmart had varying shades of them for $5 so I caved and bought some. It's mostly curiosity, just to see what the hype's about.

The verdict: They're amazing comfortable. I dislike wearing jeans since I hate the feel of denim but these felt wonderful. They're a nice alternative to skinny jeans I think and will look great this fall with my biker boots and mini sweater dresses.  *le gasp* No, I won't be wearing non-stop Lolita on campus. It's just not practical....

I hope everyone had a great weekend and will enjoy their July!


  1. That second photo is just scary. I think I would have ran into my basement, lol

  2. I wanted to let you know that I've been following your Blog for a while now and I'm very impressed with your true dedication to being a Lolita. I'm a ten-year "veteran" and you're exactly the kind of Lolita I love seeing. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your outfits and your photos!