Project Update

I sewed together the front and back pieces of the bodice, elastic backing included. I definitely fucked up the elastic though ( I didn't sew it on quite evenly) and I was rather off on my measurements. I'm not sure how to fix this now actually.

I might just leave it as is though, since I can still slip it over my head and it doesn't look too horrible once on. I just hate that I had to do so many alterations and now the inside looks horrible. : (

Tomorrow I'll get the sleeves sorted and then work on the skirt portion. I'm already extremely disappointed with how this turned out and I think from now on I'm going to draft my own patterns and not use someone else's idea...since I tend to get things messed up when I do that. >_<


  1. I always make mistakes in my projects so far. In particular I know it's a pretty horrible feeling when the inside looks messed up. >< Anyway, at least you've gained some experience.

  2. projects are never prefect that's what makes them different and special. I love the colors on this fabric, I can't wait to see the end results