Lolita in Non-Lolita

Today I am wearing one of my beloved Bodyline dresses. It's a darling little black number, festooned with lace, ribbons, and bows. I'm not exactly wearing it in a Lolita coordinate though. Instead, I've paired it up with some cute black "granny boots", a flowery hair band, and a Gothic cameo necklace. It still holds elements of Gothic Lolita, admittedly, but I don't consider it Lolita. I'm not wearing a petticoat and I'm definitely not wearing stockings. 

Apologies for crap photo quality, my camera still sucks. ;_;

So I find myself wondering how often adherents to the Lolita fashion wear their Lolita clothing outside of strict Lolita coordinates. I myself often wear frilly blouses with jeans, I rarely don any other shoes than my RHS, and I like to wear cute flats or sandals with basic OP's and JSK's. Sans stockings and petticoats and what-have-you. 

I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing my Lolita stuff in normal daily outfits, but I can imagine that if admirers of the style saw me out and about they might think I'm a Lolita who's "doing it wrong" because I'm missing a vital component here or there. 

Do any of you ever wear your Lolita in a non-traditional way? How do people react? Do you get negative or positive feedback from the Lolita community?

Let's discuss this! 

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