30 Days of Lolita - Day 6

Day 6 - 10 Things You Can't Live Without in Lolita

1. A good pair of lace stockings.
No matter what style of Lolita I'm donning (and even if I'm not wearing Lolita) a good pair of lace tights or stockings can dress up any coordinate. For the basics, start off with a pair of black or white lace tights.

2. My Computer.
If it weren't for my computer and the internet, I wouldn't have nearly as much Lolita inspiration as I do.

3. Bloomers.
I know a lot of Lolitas don't wear or like them, but I find them a necessity when wearing Lolita since my skirts tend to blow up with the wind and I don't want people getting a peek of my panties.

4. Foundation.
Foundation wasn't a regular part of my makeup routine until discovering Goth and Lolita. Even if the rest of your makeup in minimal, just having an even-looking complexion pulls the whole look together.

5. Tea.
What I think of Lolita, I often think of tea as well. So I always have an assortment of tea on hand so that when I'm dressing up, I can sip it leisurely.

6. Curling Iron
Even if I'm low on time or feeling somewhat lazy, just curling my hair or making it look wavy can pull together a look for the day. It's pretty easy to just curl about halfway up my hair, spritz with hairspray, and then toss a great hat on top of it!

7. Flats
They're the most comfortable shoe in my book and perfect for casual Lolita. I have a pair of really dressy ones too that look great with Gothic Lolita and don't kill my feet if I'm walking around a lot during the day.

8. Speaking of hair though, Hats!
I love hats in Lolita. Full hats or mini hats, both are great.

9. Key Charms
Keys are my favorite motif and I think they look great in both Gothic and Classic styles. I own a lot of key inspired jewelry. And I'm keeping my eyes open for a key themed fabric too!

10. My boyfriend!
He's so supportive of my desire to dress up and he loves seeing me in Lolita. I feel so much more comfortable going around town in all my frills if he's with me. He gives me confidence!

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