30 Days of Lolita - Day 3

Day 3 - 10 Things you Hate in Lolita

1. The stereotypes - you know what I'm talking about. Where all Lolitas are supposed to be dainty, quiet, and shy; standing all pigeon-toed and demure. That bugs me, because Lolita is a bold fashion and you need to have a bold personality and a shit-ton of confidence to wear it well. 

2. Tea Party Shoes - yeah yeah, they're cute and all, but I don't like that they're THE go to shoe for Sweet Lolita. Where's the creativity? 

3. Fishnets in Gothic Lolita. I like fishnet well enough, but even in Gothic Lolita I just think it detracts  from the elegance. It's fine if you aiming more at Goth than Lolita though, but I just find something strange about fishnet in Lolita.

4. Tiny little hair bows. The weird looking plastic ones that sit on weird looking plastic headbands especially.

 Like this!

5.  The price - I know that most Lolita garments are lovingly-crafted with high quality fabrics and all that, but come on...even Bodyline's prices are sky-rocketing.

6. Shorter and shorter skirts - I think this is happening more in the Sweet sub-style than anywhere else, but I've noticed that a lot of brands are making their skirts much shorter these days. What ever happened to the standard knee-length that made this fashion so adorable and modest? 

7. Obnoxious prints - read: Angelic Pretty. 

8. Plain hair - I admit I'm guilty of this one myself on lazy days, but if you're gonna be dressed to the nines in your Lolita best, at least do something cute with your hair. Strangely enough, I see that Japanese Lolitas do a lot less with their hair in Lolita than westerners do. 

9. Speaking of hair.....wigs. I'm not a fan of them. I think in most cases they're a cop-out from taking the time to style your own hair. But they're growing on me. What I wouldn't give to have purple hair just for one day. ^_^

10. And finally, the cattiness on the online communities. There's no need for it and it only further cements my belief that most people are freaking twats. 

Have a lovely day~ 

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