Ebay Auction and Music Spotlight

Hello Ladies! Today I bring you something special. A link to my Ebay - where I am selling one of my jewelry boxes. I decided it no longer matched the theme of my bedroom and so I bought a new one, but now I need to find a new home for this lovely one.

Check it out here: Wooden Jewelry Box

And as usual, here is today's music spotlight:

Kerli Koiv is Estonia's sweetheart right now and she's gaining a lot of attention in the US as well. Her music is a creepy blend of whimsy, fairytales, and Gothic Lolita. She's one of my favorite artists right now. Check her out!


  1. O I love Kerli so much! The moonchildren will win this war!

  2. I love Kerli, her music is fantastic. I am particularly fond of her "Tea Party" music video.