Bodyline's Ups and Downs

When I first got into Lolita fashion, Bodyline was a godsend to me. I was living in a foreign country with my boyfriend on very little money/no job and there was no way I could afford brand. And Bodyline was cheap. I did my research, stayed far away from the lace monsters, and ended up purchasing a lovely black dress with a cat-in-the-window foil print on the skirt. It still hangs in my closet today, one of my favorite dresses. And it was only $30.

It's funny, back when I had no money, Bodyline was cheap. You could find reduced price skirts hanging out on the site for $12. I kid you not! And these same skirts and same prints are at least $50 now. What happened Bodyline? It's not like your quality went up that much. Granted, they ARE better than they used to be but still....this recent price raising puts them on unsteady ground with a lot of their customers.

Their prices seem to be on par with a lot of secondhand Lolita shops and FanPlusFriend now, but their quality is still about the same. So what happens now? Do people just suck it up and keep buying the items they like, but at higher prices and with more expensive shipping or do they abandon Bodyline in favor of something else? If the latter happens, what will Bodyline do - close it's doors forever or be forced to lower prices?

A lot of questions and not many answers. So I ask you ladies - will you continue buying from Bodyline or are abandoning it? If you don't shop from them anyways, what do you think will become of the company?

I had a brief idea and it seemed a bit stupid, but I suppose I can toss it out there anyways....

Why not petition Bodyline to lower their prices? I imagine we could get a LOT of Lolitas to jump on board here. We could petition for them to lower their prices to match their quality or simply stop shopping from them.

What do you think - would it work or no?


  1. I am OK with the price increase. $12 is practically unreasonably cheap for a skirt, I got a couple skirts in the $11-$15 dollar days, and honestly, they're good skirts and if I needed to buy them again (and they sold the same ones again!) I would probably spend at least $35 on them. I am actually pretty sure that the $12 skirts were part of a really long sale that was going on and they just sold so well that they sort of kept up with the sale for a few months.

    Honestly, I think it's a very bad idea to petition Bodyline to lower their prices, especially since the lower prices were technically part of a sale. I think it's rude and pushy to demand a company to lower their prices. I'm just thankful I can pick up a skirt every now and then for less than $180!

  2. How long did this sale last then? Because those kind of prices were down for over a year....

    And then all of a sudden it's way way more. It kind of threw me off....

  3. I will most likely stop buying new releases and simply wait til the price goes down...cus they always goes down after some months, even if not so low as before, it's still reasonable. There's not many items i want from bl anyways these days.. my taste has change..

    I'll probably try taobao in the future, they're still cheap.