Happy Hump Day

I apologize for the lack of entries over the weekend and I missed my Monday Mania thing as well. I suppose that's what happens when you have a busy weekend being stood up by your friend who was only in town for a few days and then contracting the flu on top of menstruation. But I'm better now, so hopefully we'll see more posts here.

Last Saturday I dressed up my favorite Bodyline dress with gold accents, since it's not something I've seen done before. I'm quite happy with how it turned out...

Apparently, and according to an LJ user on Daily_Lolita, I look stoned in my photos and should learn to apply my makeup differently. I secretly took offense to this comment, since it wasn't said in the politest of ways - and have been contemplating ever actually posting photos online again. I've decided I won't post to D_L anymore, but I will continue to put photos here...at least until I receive another negative comment on my appearance. I really can't help the way my eyes are shaped and if this gives me the appearance of being "stoned" then so be it.

Moving on - I was supposed to see my friend Emily this weekend while she was up from Iowa, but she choose instead to hang out with a bunch of losers and get drunk all weekend. She even blew off our Sunday morning coffee plans and used the excuse that she "forgot" Chris' number. Pfft yeah right....besides it's listed plain as day on his Facebook profile.

I guess she's coming back up around Easter as well, but I doubt I'll see her then either. Holidays and all, you know. 

Well I'm off to go fix myself something to eat and read a book. The weather is beautiful today and I plan to enjoy it until the sun goes down. Adieu!~


  1. I think you look lovely! Keep posting here!

  2. You look adorable! Who would say such horrible things!