Of seedlings and eggs....

See this darling little thing? Sunflowers. I got seven of them. ^_^

Today was quite eventful. I actually dolled myself - all offbrand of course. I wanted to wear something blue to compliment the rain we had today and since I had a pair of socks with blue in them I figured it would be a great opportunity.

It's a bit difficult to see ( so bright! ) but I've got a handmade blue skirt there, a turquoise blue shirt under the black frilly sweater, lovely socks and a flowery headband. Very simple but still cute.

All I did really was lounge around the house today and experiment with cooking eggs in a basket and try some hand sewing. Which I can tell you, officially sucks.

And that's about it. I hope the rest of you had a lovely Tuesday.

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  1. I like that shade of blue. About the hand sewing, don't give up--it can be just as daunting as machine sewing, at first, but you'll get there. So will I, hopefully. XD
    And congrats on the sunflower shoots!