~Monday Mania~

I honestly have no idea what to write about in regards to last week. It was a lot of up and downs for me, a lot of migraines, and a few days of dressing up. Nevermind my first pap smear, I won't even get into that one...

Earlier in the week, I decided that I would wear my black Bodyline dress with matching hat for a day. It was my first time donning it and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it:

I do apologize for the shoddy quality, my camera seems to despise self-timer.

Outfit Rundown:
~Dress - Bodyline~
~Hat - Bodyline~
~Socks - Little Chili~
Jewelery - offbrand~

The day after this little dress up session, I was struck with a migraine and so I didn't do anything on Wednesday. I didn't dress up on Thursday - no wait, I can't even remember the days. I just know that after I wore this I was struck down with a painfully throbbing migraine and then didn't crawl out of pj's for a day.

Chris had ordered me a dress off Bodyline, the Antique Clock print in grey, and the morning it was supposed to arrive we slept through the doorbell and missed it. So of course Speedee Delivery left a note saying it had to be signed for in person, but naturally later in the day no one would be home to sign for it. And you know, after three attempts they send it back.

Luckily, Chris's mom was home in time that afternoon to sign for it and so all was well. I met up with Chris at the local Perkins for coffee around 10 pm and that's when he gave me the package. I was so happy I opened it up right there in the diner!

I wasn't up for a full-on coordinate that night, so I dressed up pretty casual in all offbrand stuff.

Outfit Rundown:
~Skirt - Handmade~
~Shirt - Miley Cyrus for Walmart~ (I know I know)
~Tights - Target~
~Headband - Target~
~Shoes - Montreal~

On Friday I decided to go all out and dress up in my ensemble. The dress came with a giant head-eating bow, so I figured I would find a way to put it in my hair. And since I'm lacking in hair supplies right now the best I could do was a side ponytail. And that actually ended up working out perfectly.

Outfit Rundown:
~Dress - Bodyline~
~Bow - Bodyline~
~Socks - Target~
~Shoes - Montreal~

I didn't dress up at all over the weekend since I had another migraine on Saturday and I felt really cranky on Sunday. Here's to hoping I'll have a more upbeat and productive week!

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