Monday Mania

Cleaning my room:

I made it a point to work on cleaning my room up again today. On Friday I started to rearrange things. I moved my bed to the opposite wall (moving metal futons is NOT fun) and placed my desk in the corner. I now have a separate space for my altar too, which is good. Even though I still have crap lying all over my floor, I decided that today would be a good day to clean out and organize my closet. It might seem kind of fruitless now because once it warms up outside I'm going to take everything out and paint the inside of my closet black...but at least now I have a system and I know where things fit.

I've got all my Lolita stuff hanging on the left and some other random articles of clothing, plus summer dresses, on the right. I sorted through all the boxes that were up top and eliminated most of those so that freed up lots of space. And I'm placing pants, shirts, and summer wear on the pretty purple shelf on the right side. 
So I feel quite accomplished.

On the horror in Japan:

I've been following it on the news and all. I really feel sorry for everyone in Japan right now. I guess they've had a number of aftershocks and another small earthquake again. All the tsunami flooding has washed away whole towns and thousands of people are dead.

It's a really horrible situation. Which is why I get REALLY really mad when my friends on Facebook are making jokes about it and such. And now that I'm hearing that a few Lolitas are actually complaining about orders not arriving on time or huzzah-ing the fall of the Yen...it makes me feel almost shameful to call myself a Lolita. Have some compassion girls, this isn't all about you and your latest frills.

How to Help Japan~

The Red Cross has launched efforts to help Japan and you can donate money by visiting their site or texting 90999 from your phone.

Save the Children is also taking part. They are accepting donations as well. 

International Medical Corps is responding to the health needs of the disaster's victims. You can donate on their site as well as texting the word MED to 80888 to donate $10. 


  1. Congrats on organizing your room/closet. That's an ongoing battle for me.

    You're not alone in being shocked an horrified by the catastrophe. In the last few days, anytime I've been in a group with people connected to Asia, some of the first questions asked have been "Do you know anyone in Japan that was affected?" and "Are they safe?".

  2. No matter how hard I try, my room wouldn't be this organized because I am sharing it with, errr.. hubby. ^^ But I am hoping that we could push through our plans on expanding our room to give us more space. :) *crossed fingers*

    I have a friend who is also in Japan right now and I can see (and feel) how she's terrified on what's happening. She's safe, though. But really, no one can be okay in that situation. My heart pours out to their people. :((