Monday Mania

Well, I'm finally getting around to the first entry of my Monday theme, the basic week summary of coordinates, events, and random stuff I did last week. I honestly didn't wear too much Lolita last week, since I spent most of it just hanging around with my new boyfriend and I wanted to be comfortable. But I did don a lovely white blouse and a long black Aristocrat skirt on Friday afternoon.

Anyways....last week I visited the local library, which sad to say is rather pathetic. They have a lot less books than when I visited a few years ago and their organizational system is all out of whack. It took me forever to find any books on faeries or Celtic mythology since nothing is really in sections anymore.

I'm hoping this summer to apply to the library and get a job there. Maybe I can help them make more sense of their stuff then.

Otherwise I spent most of my time with Chris when he wasn't working or at school. We hung out here at home or at his parent's place and mostly watched movies. We went out to eat a lot too, and I've gotten quite fond of this local diner called Brook's that's actually going to be demolished this spring to make room for a new Walgreen's or some garbage...rawr.

Well, they're the only place I know that sells waffle fries here in town and I LOVE waffle fries.

Chris and I also watched a couple of Swedish films that are now famous internationally. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the two sequels. They're really amazing films and very intriguing if you like mysteries and foreign films.

If you'd rather not watch the films in Swedish with English subtitles, they are also book version available now, which I saw in Target today.

There's still a bit of drama with my ex going on, but I've got that mostly handled now and hopefully soon I can get some of my stuff back from him. All in all it's been a good week.

For the next Monday Mania edition, I hope to have some photos to show you all. Heh, we'll see.

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