Friday: A Review and Update

So yesterday I received my Bodyline order. I'm surprised it arrived so quickly, given the situation in Japan. But I guess DHL got wise and rerouted their stuff. In a world where everyone contacts each other through Email or cellphones, I'm surprised anyone bothered to sort out the mail system right away.


Photo time!

So I'm mostly pleased with this order. The top hat was a little big for my head, which is fine since I got it as a gift for my boyfriend. The bolero is actually a bit snug and doesn't fit around my 34C boobs. Rawr. But I'll still wear it most likely, since it IS comfortable. The dress and matching mini hat are to die for. The dress fits me wonderfully, even without shirring or corset lacing anywhere so I'm quite pleased about that. It's a bit difficult to get the buttons on the front undone but I'm sure it'll become easier the more I wear the dress.

Overall, I give this order a 4/5.

Moving on, as you can see I changed the layout on my blog. I needed something simpler that loaded faster and didn't detract from the posts. The black and pink thing I had going on was a little hard on even my eyes, haha! So I'm much happier with this version.

I don't normally celebrate St. Patrick's Day, being a Celtic pagan and all, but I decided to give in and indulge in the spirit of being awesomely Irish and boozing up. So I wore some cute little black and green number (photos below) and a Shamrock headband, as well as a few pins. When Chris came over we went to the liquor store and bought some Irish beer. Then we watched a few romantic comedies, got a little tipsy, and finally called in a night where we snuggled in my bed for a change. Usually I spend the night as his place.

This morning, as I was watering my little seedlings, I noticed a tiny green thing is poking up through the dirt in the strawberry pot. I would have taken a photo, but my cheap camera couldn't capture something that small and delicate. I also noticed that both my peppers and tomatoes are putting down roots too. So I'm very happy that everything is growing on schedule.

That's all folks. I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patty's Day and enjoys their weekend. I know I will!


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