Friday: A Review

I love getting things in the mail, probably because it so rarely happens. Unless it's a bank statement or someone trying to sell me junk, the mail is one of those things I see little of.  Today, however, I got a package. A long-awaited package.

Several weeks ago I ordered a Punk Rave dress from an Ebay shop. It was the last of it's kind and something that I'd been eyeing for a while. It's decidedly not Lolita, per se, but definitely awesome for a Gothic summer dress.

The item came packaged in a thick envelope, from Hong Kong.

Inside, I found a nice plastic packaging with the Punk Rave logo on it.

See, it's very pretty! I love the spider and web thing they've got going on!

The dress itself is a spaghetti strap "summer" dress, as in it's a lighter weight fabric than most of their items.

It has a darling assymetrical hem and pretty tartan ruffles.

As you can (almost) see, the print on the dress is a Gothic cross with roses winding around it. It's very pretty in person, the photo doesn't do it justice.

They even gave me a free pair of wrist cuffs! How nice of them.

And this is the dress hanging up. It looks a bit flat here, but once I put it on and coordinate it properly I'll take photos once more and show you just how amazing this thing really is.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. The lace on the bottom hem was a bit scratchy at first, but I used some fabric softener when I washed it earlier and it's fine now. I can't wait to wear it!

Next up: Photos of my newly renovated bedroom!

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  1. It does look like a great summer dress. I love the cross and roses (of course XD ).