~Monday Mania~

So I'm starting a new "theme" I suppose. I mean, everyone does the Things I ♥ Thursday or Reader Appreciation Sunday, but I want to do a themed Monday post. It's going to be called Monday Mania - a recap of how my week went, what's new in life, and maybe shots of what I wore during the previous week. Pretty miscellaneous, but it'll keep me active over here....

So last week I broke up with my boyfriend. Kind of, it was a complicated situation. Last week, I decided that I was going to move back home with my family and leave the grey and ugly city of Montreal behind. Naturally, the boy wasn't happy but I managed to lie and placate him enough (read: going to hell) to get out of the apartment and spend a few nights with a friend before taking off on the Greyhound bus last Friday morning.

While on the bus, I managed to catch free WiFi and so I sent him an email letting him know that our relationship was over and why. I'd just spent the last few years in an emotionally abusive relationship and I was done. Simply done.

The bus ride itself was 37 hours, not including layover times. It's a grueling ride, often very boring, and there are few meal stops. This time, however, I managed to stay connected to Greyhound's internet aboard the bus and keep myself occupied. And I was grateful for being able to stay in contact with my loved ones because they really did their part in talking me through this. Without all of their help and support, I may never have made it back here.

But I did. I'm so glad to be back in Buffalo Minnesota for good too. Since I ordered a bunch of pretty things from Bodyline and such, I have nice things to wear now. Even though I had to leave behind a lot of clothing in Montreal....-_-'.  Which kind of blows...but oh well. All my Lolita stuff is here now.

And yesterday I went to Target and bought a bunch of new hair accessories and a cute frilly blazer. So I'm all set. It's a brand new week full of potential and all possibilities. I can't wait.


  1. I don't know if congrats is the exact right word or not, but I'm really glad to hear you're out of a bad relationship, and that things are looking up.
    Sometimes it's good to be home.

  2. I will have to agree with DarkRose_Dreaming. Although the dissolution of any relationship is always coupled with negative emotions, if it wasn't a healthy relationship, then I am glad (and amazed, for I know how hard it is) that you gathered up the courage to leave and move back home.
    I know it sounds so cliche, but just think of the chance that you're giving that potential special someone now that you're free. Stay strong, stay frilly! Viva la Frills! <3

  3. good for you :) For having that courage.