Impulse Buy

I'm a very naughty little girl, I admit. I'm nearly broke and what money I DO have needs to be conserved for "more important things" currently, so what I did was just terrible. Yet, it made me feel so good that I can't possibly punish myself for it.

I bought something. Yes, darlings, I bought myself a dress. Granted, it's only from Bodyline but I've been ogling it for months now and I wanted to snatch it up before it disappeared off the site forever.

I purchased this lovely ( Classic? ) dress today, in the black color-way of course. I've seen different versions of this dress on Daily_Lolita and I just love the way it looks on most people, but I had to spring for it before it vanished forever.
What makes me so happy about this though is that it's the first thing I ever purchased for myself, concerning Lolita. All of what I own is either hand-made, secondhand, or a gift. This was something I chose for myself and spent my own money on.

A late Christmas gift to myself. A reward for taking proactive steps to changing and bettering my life. Something beautiful to look forward to wearing when I get back home. I needed this.

So what have all of you purchased lately?


  1. Congrats on your first purchase,! After all, you really deserve it, and there's nothing better than rewarding yourself with a beautiful lolita dress XD
    I really love that OP, think it would look very lovely on you :D (which reminds me, I haven't purchased any lolita items lately. Oh the despair of being broke!)

  2. Cute! I love that cameo fabric, Bodyline has really improved it selection of Classic.

  3. It can be awesome to be able to buy something for yourself, by yourself. ^^ As much as I love sewing and DIY, I'd like to be able to do that too eventually.