Things I Love Thursday

♥ Hot Chocolate is Love!♥  

Hey girls, I know this is a day late now, by like 20 minutes. Sorry.

♥ Montreal Holiday Lights ♥

♥ Christmas tunes on the radio. ♥
♥ Snow. ♥
♥ Knee-high Lolita Boots. ♥
♥ Tights. ♥
♥ Scarves in pretty colors. ♥
♥ Thinking about what to wear during my holiday trip. ♥
♥ International Lolita Day! ♥

♥ Sleeping. ♥

1 comment:

  1. I love knee high lolita boots! *Must, MUST own a pair this year*

    And that's funny, I just finished drinking some hot chocolate. It's like my fourth cup today (if you count the chocolate-laden coffee.) XD But then, I'm sick, so...