Premier Loliday

So this was my first Loliday ever. I knew about it, I'd just never observed it before because, well frankly, I didn't have a whole lot to dress up in. Admittedly, I still don't. Lolita is expensive when you're broke and you can only weasel pretty gifts out of your boyfriend on your birthday or Christmas.

But yesterday I decided that I would, in fact, dress up nicely. So I dug out my h.Naoto replica JSK, my Punk Rave blouse that I love so much, some socks, bloomers, shoes, hair bow, etc. I put it all on and felt very spooky and gothic. It was nice, for all of about ten minutes.

The fact is, wearing Lolita just in the apartment isn't very practical. It's not entirely clean here since it's pretty much a bachelor pad with a few small feminine touches. It's quite spartan actually. The place does nothing to make one feel like a princess and any cute decor I've ever tried to put up was either tossed out by the roommate or viciously destroyed by the cats.

But while I was dressed up, I did manage to snap a few crappy photos. And I have officially decided that the relationship between me and my camera is simply not working out. It's quality is just not worth it anymore and without a tripod I can't get very decent angles at all. I can't even consider a full outfit snap without that damn thing blurring out because I'm "too far away" or something.

I look like garbage in these photos. Don't even try to deny it. I know it and I don't appreciate lies. I don't know if it's just the camera though....maybe it's me. I know I'm awkward in photos, especially with posing. I prefer to be behind the lens where I can see what's happening, where I know what's on the view finder. I'm so worried about whether my head's gonna get cropped off when the camera snaps that I just sort of stand there and look awkward.

It really wasn't a problem when I had my friend Val take photos of me, but she doesn't have a camera anymore and she's too busy to hang out with loser little me.

So I'm stuck with this, photos I'm too embarrassed to ever put up on Daily_Lolita even if I thought the coordinate itself was rad.

Yeah, I'm being a bit self-pitying. But I can't help it when I stop and actually look at photos of myself. Just not pretty. It's not the same thing I see when I look in the mirror. Because in the right mirror, I look damn hot. No joke. I know I'm not really an ugly girl. I know a lot of people think I'm very cute....in the right light. From the right angle. Without all these frilly and lacy accoutrements. Maybe I'm not just meant for Lolita.

I really and sincerely hope you had a much more fulfilling Lolita Day than I did. Truly.


  1. I know, it's kind of anti-climactic to hang around at home in one's frilly best. -_- But your coord does look pretty awesome.
    I have that same problem a lot of times--the whole 'mirror versus camera' thing.

  2. I agree, nice outfit. I am completely un-photogenic and taking your own picture is really tricky so I don't usually bother. I like to concentrate on how great I feel instead.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way, I appreciate you encouragement :)