Hermes, lend me your wings..

How would one wear Lolita on the Greyhound Bus, I wonder? 
It's cramped and unclean....
does one merely skip the petticoat and wear shoes you don't mind scuffing?
Or do we forgo it altogether?

See this is my current dilemma. I managed to find a way to fit 'most' of my Lolita clothing into my giant duffel bag, so that's no longer an issue. But this does mean that I need to actually wear some of it on the bus. And since I'm going to be traveling for 36 hours, I need to be comfortable.

Now I'm not saying Lolita can't be comfortable...but nothing feels awesome after you've been wearing it for two days. So what's the game plan, you ask?

Well my plan is, obviously, to dress warmly but not in a bulky fashion. So yeah, that means tights and bloomers with a skirt. No petticoat or subsequent equivalent though. Then I'll have a comfy blouse under my punky and warm sweater. Add a cute scarf and a pair of boots...call it quits.

There's no sense in hair accessories since I'll probably lose them in between seats while I'm dozing off anyways. Same with makeup and or any unnecessary jewelry. 

Gods I truly hate traveling. Especially alone. And most especially on that cramped and brutal bus! Ahem. My apologies. I'm nervous and a little bit on edge. It's been snowing a lot and I'm worried there might be delays in my schedule. Not that I'm not a pro at these kinds of things by now but it's still ridiculously annoying.

I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and high school friends. That'll be great. I miss them all so much sometimes. I'm also wondering if I can get my cousin to dress up in Lolita with me. That would be so funny since she's your typical trendy teenager you know?

And my mom is pretty down with this whole Lolita thing. She finds it cute so I'm sure she'll be more than happy to get a few photos of me out in the snow or whatever showing off my outfits. Yay me!

Well. Now I have to go stuff more dresses into my bag and pray I can still zip it afterward! >_< Wish me luck!

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  1. For two years (ending this spring), I went to college across the country, and that meant I had to fly alone, there and back again. So I came to understand what you're talking about all too well. >< Good luck with traveling!! At least you'll be home soon.